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To most of you, Chris Matheson is a drag racer. A five-time Australian Top Fuel Motorcycle Champion, a record holder and the quickest and fastest man on two wheels in the southern hemisphere.

His nitro-burning supercharged four-cylinder machine pumps out over 1500 horsepower, and he is on a quest to become the first person in the southern hemisphere to break into the five-second zone.

However, Matheson also has a passion for big rigs. Whilst chasing championship rounds across Australia, the Queenslander knew he needed to have a truck and transporter that was up to the task of those long hauls to tracks in Perth, Darwin, and Adelaide.

“I owe a big part of my success to our transporter combination,” said Matheson

Matheson hauls his “Nitro Voodoo” race setup with a 2013 Kenworth T909 nicknamed “The Recalcitrant”, and said driving the “K Whopper” is an enjoyable experience.

“While some race drivers prefer to take the quick route in a commercial plane, I actually love the solitude on the road and the opportunity to see familiar faces and landscapes as we venture to the next round of racing.”

Recently Matheson and his truck, known as “The Recalcitrant” appeared in two leading Australian truck and transport publications – Owner-Driver and Big Rigs.

“I was over the moon to be featured in both publications,” said Matheson. Not only was it good to get some ink, but it also put drag racing in front of another audience.

“These days motorsports is populated with huge trucks and transporters. You only have to see in the pits how the professional teams travel around. Not only do the transporters provide some comforts for the crew, they are also a mobile workshop, loaded with enough spares and equipment to rebuild and repair etc.”

Oh and just in case you wondered what “The Recalcitrant” means –“Having an obstinately uncooperative attitude towards authority or discipline”

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Big Rigs Magazine – June 2018

Owner Driver Magazine – August 2018

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