Voodoo Casts Dark Shadow over Red Line Challenge

The Nitro Voodoo Team took out the inaugural Red Line Oil Fuel Bike Challenge held on 8th & 9th January 2010 at the Perth Motorplex in Western Australia, setting two PB’s in the process.

  Matheson said “whilst small in numbers, the fiercely competitive field put on a great show, which coincided with Round Three of the Top Fuel Dragster Pro-Series Championship. A huge spectator field saw almost 250 entries hammering down the quarter mile, posting a number of fast times with big miles per hour”.  

Matheson posted a 6.754, 6.218 and a blistering 6.140 second pass in the final against WA’s Mick Murray with a 9.970 with Matheson shutting off around half track, leaving plenty in the tank for the next round.  

The weekend represented a huge turn-around for the Nitro Voodoo Team, as they sorted gremlins that had troubled them in Round 3 in November of last year.  

Matheson said “we have made solid progress with our half track times, posting consistent strong passes all with record setting incrementals”.  

In the final Matheson posted a 3.949 sec at 191.97 mph at half track, which is lightening fast and at record setting pace. Matheson’s 1.045 sec at the 60 ft and 2.672 sec at the 330 ft spells impressive times as the Team heads into Round 4 of the Championship to be held on 27th & 28th February in Perth.  

Matheson said “we made huge progress this weekend in a number of areas; the bike is launching hard and straight and is carrying the front wheel well down the track. Our turn-around service times between rounds came down to as little as 30 minutes on a couple of occasions, which is incredible. The whole weekend went smoothly and has given us great confidence to take up the challenge in Round 4 to recent new record holder Jay Upton, who currently holds the Australian record of 6.113 sec over the quarter mile”.  

Matheson’s winning Elapsed Time (6.140sec) with early shut off, eclipsed last year’s championship winner Athol Williams Record Time (6.16sec)   Matheson went on to say that “winning the first Red Line Oil Challenge, especially when Red Line supports the Nitro Voodoo Team, is a great result for both the Voodoo Team and Brian Antunovich of Red Line Oil”.  

Special thanks to Roger Bloor of RB Performance and Bruce McGonnell for the great performance package delivered over the weekend. We also send our appreciation to John and Josie Zahra who travelled from Mackay in Queensland to help the Team.  

Thank you again to our sponsors and supporters – Red Line Oils, RB Performance, Glenfords Tool Centres, Rocket Industries, CRC Industries, Kitten Car Care Products, SmartSkip, ABC Auto Gear, PR Factory Store, Gazi Suspension, MotoComponents and special thanks to Larry “Spiderman” McBride & Steve McBride.      

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